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Consultation at Kaleo Traditional Authorities

Community Forest and Riparian Ecosystem (CFRE) Conservation and Livelihood Improvement in the upstream portion of the Black Volta River Basin (BVRB) of Ghana. This is a Rufford Foundation 1st Booster Grant of £10,000 (September 2020-October 2021) and supported by Lawra Forest Services Division, GreenWater Hut and Environment and Agroforestry Foundation. The project involved four communities belonging to Savanna and Upper West Region of Ghana, contact person, Jane Raymond (

Communities within the Black Volta River Basin (BVRB) have become conscious of the need to conserve CFRE with wild animals to promote tourism and establishment of Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) to generate income and to attract government support for sustainable management. The project re-enforced conservation of Community Forest and Riparian Ecosystem (CFRE) and its biodiversity through setting up and operationalizing CREMA institutions, demarcated, marked and restored CREMA core areas, promoted agroforestry, bee-keeping and woodlot establishment to support CREMA establishment.

The project communities included Kulmasa, Kuuri, Siiru and Puni and falls within the savannah forest zone and considered as one of the important reservoirs for trees, wild animals, historical sites and sacred grooves. The communities have embraced the concept of conservation and seeking for the development of the area into a tourist and CREMA site as a result of consistent sensitization and education. The project supported the communities to establish formal local institutions (Community Resources Management Committees (CRMCs) and CREMA Executive Committee (CEC) and Field Monitoring and Patrol Team (FMPT) which has been mandated to officially manage Community Forest and Riparian Ecosystem and were supported with livelihood enterprises which included bee keeping as incentive for conservation.

In October, 2020, Stakeholder consultation and sensitization meetings were organized in participating communities (Kulmasa, Kuuri, Siiru and Puni) and other neighboring communities; Meguo, Zukpiri and Kpaala to gain their commitment and raise their awareness on Community Resources Management Area (CREMA) approaches and requirements. Smaller group gatherings, one-on-one and information centers were used to reach stakeholders which included Traditional Authorities, Assembly Members, Students, Farmers, Fishermen, Hunters, Fulani Headsmen, Teachers, shea, charcoal and moringa Producers.


Plate 1: Consultation at Kaleo Traditional Authorities


Plate 2: Stakeholder consultation with project community representatives


In November, 2020, communities were guided to elect CREMA executives thus Community Resources Management Committees (CRMCs) and CREMA Executive Committee (CEC) and Field Monitoring and Patrol Team (FMPT) who have been mandated to ensure effective management of CREMA areas and play an advocacy role on conservation during and after project period.


Plate 3: Election of CREMA executives


Between January 2021 to February 2012, trainings were organized for communities to build the expertise of 35 people (including executives and other stakeholders) on CREMA concept and establishment.


Plate4: Training of CREMA executives of Siiru and Puni communities



Plate 5: Picture after training


Plate 6: Training on CREMA concept for Kuuri & Kulmasa executives


May 2020. The capacity of community members was built on bee keeping best practices, woodlot establishment and agroforestry practices and supported with resources such as beehive kits and fruit trees to improve their livelihood activities.

Plate 8: Bee keeping field training



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