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Reforestation of Black Volta Basin

Reforestation of Black Volta Basin at Kuur and Kulmasa in Nadowli Kaleo District Assembly in Upper West and Savannah Region of Ghana, £5878 International Tree Foundation (ITF) Sustainable Community Forestry Program, supported by Lawra Forest Services and Wildlife Divisions and community members- May 2020 to April 2022. Contact person, Sam Peace,

The project has been promoting reforestation of riparian forests within the Black Volta catchment areas with indigenous tree species and built the capacity of local community members to manage the area sustainably in Kuur and Kulmasa in Nadowli Kaleo District Assembly.

The proposed project was determined and designed through a collaboration with the EAF team, Kuuri, and Kulmasa communities. EAF staff have been working with the communities for the past two years. Community members have been educated on the need to conserve their surrounding landscape where there has been a substantial change in attitude and actions. Community members have been thought how to raise tree seedlings and plant trees.

The project has built the capacities of community members to conserve and restore the degraded landscape. Project beneficiaries have been receiving incentives and technical training on wildlife conservation, wildfire management, and silvicultural operations.

Between the months of May 2020 to December 2021 the following activities have been achieved;

Mobilization of community members from Kuuri and Kulmasa for the reforestation project

Within the month of May 2020, community members were mobilized and sensitized on the reforestation project in the two participating communities.


Picture was taken during community mobilization at Kuuri


Selection of Reforestation Team and Wildfire Management Team members

In the month of November 2020 to January 2021, 10 community members were selected as Reforestation Team (RT) and 10 Wildfire Management Team (WMT) members and trained as trainers on silvicultural operations, wildfire management, and best forest and wildlife conservation practices.


The picture was taken during the selection of RT and WMT members


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