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Decent to read, thanks for hooking up me one to

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But just to correct – At try abit deprecated interface for the SGS, SGS2 and you will similiar habits. You can use it to deal with modem directly from Pc (unclear in the event that Desktop is actually actually conversing with modem or to part of Android’s HALs, which is then conversing with modem, to own eg. USB-UART multiplexer for the I9000 and you may S8500/S8530 is capable to key cell phone MicroUSB port between AP USB/UART and you can CP USB/UART. Part of the dealing with program utilized in over designs are RPC thanks to oneDRAM mutual-memories urban area. You’ll find devices such as for instance “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” into the kernel – these are crucial for proper working regarding modem. Although RIL is utilizing At the commands, it does upload them through RPC. AP-CP UART partnership is apparently made use of simply for early booting stage (at least in I9000 and you may S8500, haven’t analysed I9100 however, suppose that is similiar)

Ad1. There is certainly no actual capacity to talk to modem individually on SGS2 at responses you’re getting SS (Cutting-edge Cellular Customer Application – RTOS implementing Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. This type of datasheets are really guarded secrets out of companies. Merely unmarried, unfinished manuals drip off Qualcomm, not even useful. Plus AP-CP RPC process was proprietary of Samsung, it had AMSS supply off Qualcomm as they are incorporating their very own vehicle operators truth be told there.

Oh sure, I gave Qualcomm since example, it is CP into the SGS2 Qualcomm? It wasn’t QC tool into the SGS1 however, tbh it is very very closed provider.

Whenever you are AP-CP low level protocol is actually opensource (you will find it in dpram/onedram/modemctl motorists when you look at the kernel), expert of this coating – amassed towards sec-RIL, is not. AP-CP process varies between I9000 and S8500 (standard concept remains the same, just it’s been rewriten thus packet versions and formations is different), but when you need it – our company is starting opensource RIL to own S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 equipment show, designed to work at Android ports for them – (branch fresh-MochaIPC)


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For as long as the fresh new modem is very effective, there was little must search on details of just how ril communicate with modem, but when the brand new modem doesn’t work as it would be to (Within my situation it refused to sign in to the only 1 specific mobile driver), an at the order that will would a plant reset of modem is of use

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The reveal At is deprecated is not any secret, however the reality (at least centered on certain firmware experts) would be the fact it will nevertheless be a while before the OEM’s will get reduce the (AT) reliance of their magic and you will bad proprietary firmware, that often should be backward suitable.

Away from if I’m conversing with AP otherwise CP. You are probably true that I am talking to AP as a consequence of HAL. No less than of SGS2 cut off drawing, UART-3 is within the AP, however, associated with an amount-shifter about PMIC (nevertheless on a single SoC), which is in turn linked to the BP UART-X. (There isn’t a clue as to why this is done therefore.) Therefore regardless it see that the AT’s are getting together with its destination, because of specific abstraction coating, and that sung People and never from a local (phone) terminal shells.

Practical question was, what takes place when we make an effort to use the Bada secret, to go into ServiceMode (SM) and invite the brand new corresponding BP supply? Although SM differs towards SGS and therefore option is maybe not obviously offered. However, there is certainly:

[ Revise ] I found they! Your selection of AP/BP partnership choices when hooking up the cellular phone since the a good USB visitors, to help you a pc machine, will be by hand place in the fresh PhoneUtil (PU) menu. Which establishes the new choices of one’s mobile phone when hooking up it so you can a computer, to be able to find whether or not you adore it to do something given that a good Modem or PDA, on the USB and you may/or UART port. Brand new PU eating plan is different from the fresh ServiceMode eating plan.

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