Founder and Executive Director: Emma Baah Agyapong (MSc., BSc., DIP)
Email: emma.agyapong@eafafrica.org

Emma, holds an MSc in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation with specialization in natural resources management at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology (Ghana) and MSc in Tropical Forestry at the University Bangor, UK. Emma holds BSc in Forest Resources Technology and Diploma in Natural Resources Management at Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology (Ghana), Diploma in Human Resources Management and Strategic Management at the University of Bournemouth, UK. She is a young woman who has a passion for biodiversity conservation and has supported the management of Ghana’s Forest Reserve in Brong Ahafo, Ahafo and Bono East Regions of Ghana for over ten years. As a Project Officer for several NGOs and a consultant for natural resources management, she has assisted several local communities (e.g. the Black Volta Basin catchment communities) to conserve their natural resources in the transitional zone and Northern Ghana. She has also been involved in community mobilization, mapping and inventory of natural resources and environmental management campaigns in Brong Ahafo and Northern Ghana. Emma played a leading role in the baseline assessment of black Volta basin socio-ecological production landscape and waterscape in Ghana which was funded by United NationDevelopment Programme (UNDP) under the Small Grants programme of the Global Environmental Facility (SGF-GEF) in 2015.


  • Urban Land Transformation and its implication on tree diversity in Kumasi, Ghana-Journal of Urban Ecology
  • Factors influencing tree composition in agricultural landscape, Brong Ahafo Region Ghana- Éditions universitaires européennes

Assistant Director: Mr Nasirudeen Abdul Fatawu (MSc., BSc., DIP)
Email: abdul.fatawu@eafafrica.org

Abdul, holds an MSc in Water Resources Management and Law from the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee, Scotland-UK. As an intern at British Geological Survey-Edinburgh, He integrated several datasets, constructed maps using ArcGIS, and analysed data using statistical techniques. Abdul then had to report the analysis and presented them on posters. Abdul also willingly joined in some other aspects of BGS work; he has assisted with fieldwork, analysed Guelph permeameter data for Iceland; reviewed a project on borehole functionality in Sierra Leone; and sat in during project planning meetings. Abdul obtained his BSc in Materials Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana. Perhaps his interest in water issues gained grounds during this time. He researched on removal of excess fluoride in borehole water and subsequently served as a research assistant on the same project, assisting students and further exploring new technologies of removing excess fluoride from boreholes. He also holds a UNU Diploma in Water Resources management from the United Nations University of Water, Environment and Health. He has overwhelming interest in West African groundwater and the challenges faced in the provision of rural water supplies, catchment management, optimising wetlands and ecosystem services, mining and flood risk management. His key research areas include; Reliability of rural water supply systems, Impacts of human activities on water resources (Impacts of land use activities on the already depleting water resources), Regulation of water utilities, Mining activities and flood risk management, Water resources, climate change and extreme events, The effective utilisation of science and data as the basis for water resources management in developing countries (Hydrological cycle dynamics, vulnerability of water resources, biological contaminants), Interdisciplinary water resource studies, particularly drawing the links between water security and livelihoods.


  • Nasirudeen A. F., & Andrew A. (2014). Managing the impacts of mining on Ghana’s water resources from a legal perspective. JENRM, Vol. I, No. 3, 156-165, 2014
  • Ward S., Borden S. D., Kabo-bah A., Nasirudeen A., F., Mwinkom F. X., (2018). Water Resources Data, Models and Decisions: International Expert Opinion on Knowledge Management for an Uncertain but Resilient Future. Journal of Hydroinformatics 21. DOI: 10.2166/hydro.2018.104

Project Accountant: John Kabobah
Email: john@eafafrica.org

John is a creative thinker and has a degree in Economics and Business Administration and a diploma in accounting. He excels at using QuickBooks(accounting software), developing new opportunities and networking through innovation and strategy. He has previous working experience as Project Officer for LACERD under the Sustainable Water and Sanitation Project ( IDA-CR, No.47890-2014-2017) where he was solely in charge of project and grant management, budgeting, interpersonal relations, and reporting. However, from 2016-2018 was part of Green Waterhut team that promoted mercury management among artisanal miners and processing of plastic waste into fuel in Wakawaka, Jama, and Banda Nkwanta, within the Black Volta Basin under the UNDP GEF Small Grants Project. Currently, John is Thought for Food Foundation (global NGO dedicated to engaging and empowering the next generation) Ambassador in Ghana.

Communication, Gender And Environmental Compliance Officer: Miss. Joana Dawson (BSC.)
Email: dawson@eafafrica.org

Joana Dawson is a product of University of Education Winneba with a BSC in Environmental Health and Sanitation Education. She has a strong interest in Environmental pollution and control, Health and Safety and Environmental design and landscaping. Due to her greater interest in Environmental pollution and control she researched into the characterization and quantification of institutional solid waste for composting three selected Senior High Schools in Ejisu- Juaben Municipality as her study.

She had worked with the Sunyani Municipal Assembly during her internship at the Department of Environment Health and Sanitation assisting in environmental sanitation and gender issues.

Project Officer: Anaba Clement Issaka
Email: clement@eafafrica.org

Anaba Clement Issaka, holds a B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani-Ghana with a research paper on Precision Agriculture from the University of Applied Sciences, Rottenburg- Germany.

Clement is an activist of sustainable management of nature, environment and ecosystem protection, climate-smart agriculture, and socioeconomic growth of rural communities.

He has knowledge and expertise on; GIS and Remote Sensing application, precision agricultural practices, climate-smart and environment-friendly agricultural practices, ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation practices, leadership and interpersonal relationship, community entry strategies, records keeping, report writings and meeting facilitation.

Clement has also being involve in several Researches and proposal writings in many institutions like, Green Water Hut, WACAM, Environment and Agroforestry Foundation (EA), and Nsromah Hub.

Volunteer: Mr. Mawusi Amenuvor (MSc., BSc.)

Mawusi Amenuvor holds a Masters in Environmental Science (Ecological environmental protection and management) from Beijing Normal University and a Bachelor in Forest Resources Technology (Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation). He has a strong interest in Environment management, Health and Safety, Agriculture and Human Capacity Development. This interest has been developed from his academic journey and working with institutions such as Forestry Commissions, Plant Genetic Resource Research Institute of CSIR, Noble Gold Ltd, China Internship Placement, Presby Education Unit, etc. Mawusi was a team member for the maiden Ghana Cement (GHACEM) Quarry life Awards (QLA) which won gold nationally and silver internationally. His latest research looks at the Effects of Dams on the Morphological evolution of the Volta Delta. He is opened-minded, committed to the task and self-motivated.


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